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68 Kill: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving this week on Blu-ray & DVD combo pack is Trent Haaga’s super fun darkly comic crime flick, “68 Kill”.  I first caught this one last year at SXSW and then again when it was presented at Popcorn Frights Film Festival in Miami.  I recently gave it a third viewing via the Blu-ray and feel “68 Kill” offers a little bit of everything for genre fans.  There is brutal violence, twisted humor, and even a sweet little romance.

Matthew Grey Gubler and AnnaLynne McCord are fantastic as Chip and Liza. They play former lovers who have a falling out after one major disagreement.  I liked McCord when she was on “90210” but in “68 Kill” she delivers a performance that will hopefully land her more sold roles like this one.  This film is pure insanity and one you should check out if you want to have some fun.

By: Marc Ferman