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Bushwick: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving this week on Blu-ray and DVD is the action-thriller, “Bushwick”, starring Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow.  I love the premise of a modern civil war set in Brooklyn, New York, even more so when it’s accompanied by a soundtrack from hip-hop artist Aesop Rock.  Because of this, I was really looking forward to “Bushwick”.  Although the film lacks in thrills, it still managed to be a decent B-movie auctioneer.

Lucy (Snow) is heading back home to Brooklyn from college. As soon as she exits the subway with her boyfriend, he is killed in a sudden explosion. It turns out that the city is being attacked by mysterious military forces.  The soldiers aren’t the only ones on the hunt, local gangs are also out for the kill, and they set their sights on Lucy.  Thankfully, a war veteran named Stupe (Bautista) steps in and takes down Lucy’s attackers.

The rest of “Bushwick” follows Stupe, Lucy, and her stoner sister/friend Belinda (Angelic Zambrana) as they try to make it to safety.  “Bushwick” was edited to feel like one continuous 90 minute tracking shot. Although the film wasn’t actually done in one take, there are a handful of impressive tracking shots. Not as impressive are the digital effects. That can be overlooked due to the film’s limited budget. I just wish “Bushwick” had more energy.  Bautista isn’t the most charismatic of action stars and though Snow is likable at times, she just felt like an odd fit for this film.  “Bushwick” is mildly entertaining, and is serviceable for fans of action films.  There was just so much potential, that I couldn’t help but felt let down.

By: Marc Ferman