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Darkness Rising: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving this week on Blu-ray & DVD combo pack is Austin Reading’s horror film, “Darkness Rising”.  This is a somewhat effective, though easily forgettable take on the haunted house sub-genre.

Madison (Tara Holt) is haunted by the memories of a vicious murder that resulted in her becoming an orphan. Years after the tragic incident, she returns to her childhood home with her fiancé Jake (Bryce Johnson) and her cousin Izzy (Katrina Law). The house is to be demolished the following day, so Madison has one night to face her horrific past.  Instead of finding closure however, Madison, Jake and Izzy find that they are not alone.  There is a supernatural presence that has plans for Madison and has no problem going through her loved ones to get to her.

Despite having a few decent jump scares, “Darkness Rising” still manages to be somewhat dull.  The film’s best scenes involve the trio trying to fend off a very mean dog that may or may not even be real.  This is merely an adequate genre film for those who are just looking to blow 80+ minutes on something they haven’t seen yet, but I can’t quite recommend it.

By: Marc Ferman