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Elena Of Avalor: Realm of the Jaquins on DVD

Meet the newest guardians of Avalor! Available now on DVD is Disney’s “Elena Of Avalor: Realm of the Jaquins”.  This release includes parts 1&2 of “Realm of the Jaquins” plus 10 bonus shorts.


  • Flight of the Butterfrog
  • Sleeping Sunbird
  • Fast Food
  • Peabunny Boogie
  • Human Nature
  • The Heist
  • Royal Treasury Escape Room
  • Nothing but Blaze
  • Stowaway
  • Don’t Be Our Guest

“Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first ever Latina princess continues her rule as the Crown Princess of Avalor. Now Elena makes her way to the enchanted world of the Jaquins, Vallestrella. But on her way in, she encounters an old nemesis who releases an evil sprite that wreaks havoc on Avalor. It’s up to Elena to find the Magical Oracle and use his magic to SAVE AVALOR!”

By: Marc Ferman