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Kill order: DVD Review

Stuntman and fight coordinator James Mark as worked on such films as “Kick-Ass”, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “Pacific Rim”.  Now Mark heads behind the camera as writer and director of the new science fiction action flick, “Kill Order” out this week on DVD and VOD.  The film stars Chris Mark who is also worked as a stunt performer on the same projects as his brother, James.

Set in-the-near-future, a quiet and intelligent high school student named David (Chris Mark) finds himself becoming the target of an organization that wants to destroy him.  David suffers from horrific visions, but he soon realizes that they are a key to his superhuman strength and fighting skills.  There honestly isn’t much plot here as “Kill Order” runs a mere 77 minutes.

One of the weakest elements in “Kill Order” are the budget CGI effects. I wish the story took place in the present, so I wouldn’t have been distracted by such things as poorly rendered computer-generated doorways. As an action film, things fare a bit better. There are a few well staged fight sequences. My favorite being set in a park. That comes as no surprise due to the talented siblings involved. The rest of “Kill Order” is quite dull and poorly acted. Thankfully it’s only slightly longer than an episode of your favorite weekly TV series.

By: Marc Ferman