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Killing Ground: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving this week on Blu-ray & DVD combo is Damien Power’s Australian survival horror film, “Killing Ground”.  For those who dig more of a slow burn over something with a faster pace will find plenty to like about this brutal yet effective piece of genre filmmaking.

Sam (Harriet Dyer) and Ian (Ian Meadows) wanted a nice romantic weekend camping trip. However, their getaway turns deadly when sociopaths Chook and German (Aaron Glenane and Aaron Pedersen respectively) realize their day of killing isn’t quite over.  When Sam and Ian come across a small child alone in the woods, they attempt to locate the parents. Little-do-they-know, that the child’s parents and sibling have been brutally murdered. Now the couple must survive and try to bring the child to safety.

“Killing Ground” isn’t a fun kind of horror film, rather a more of a sadistic one that feels all-too-real at times.  Writer/director Damien Powers is able to slowly build the tension as he takes us back and forth between the events involving the family and the couple later that day.  At first I was a bit confused by the back-and-forth but after a little time, I realized what Powers was doing.

I didn’t love “Killing Ground”, but it’s a solid effort for Power’s feature film debut. The cast is also really good, most notably Harriet Dyer really carries the film.

By: Marc Ferman