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Ninja III: The Domination (Collector’s Edition) Blu-Ray Review

Back in the 80’s, Cannon Films definitely released some bizarre films, but to me, “Ninja III: The Domination” was one of the strangest. This was the third and final film in the “Ninja” anthology, following “Enter the Ninja” and “Revenge of the Ninja”.  Each film told different stories with different characters but “The Domination” was some strange hybrid of action, supernatural possession, and dance.  It is also the most memorable of the three ninja films and I am thrilled that Shout! Factory has released it this week with a brand new 4K transfer.

This release includes new interviews with Lucinda Dickey, Jordan Bennett and producer Alan Amiel.  This is the type of film I recommend you getting a group of friends together and watching. The transfer is terrific and if you are a fan, I highly recommend you ad it to your collection.

Bonus Features

  • NEW 4K Scan From The Original Film Elements
  • NEW Interview With Actress Lucinda Dickey
  • NEW Interview With Actor Jordan Bennett
  • NEW Interview With Producer And Stuntman Alan Amiel
  • NEW Audio Interviews With Production Designer Elliot Ellentuck And Co-Composer Misha Segal Featuring Isolated Tracks From The Original Score
  • Theatrical Trailer (In HD) With Optional Trailers From Hell Commentary With Screenwriter Josh Olson
  • Audio Commentary By Director Sam Firstenberg And Stunt Coordinator Steve Lambert

By: Marc Ferman