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Of Unknown Origin: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving on Blu-ray this week is George P. Cosmatos’ 1983 man vs. rat horror film, “Of Unknown Origin”, based on the novel, “The Visitor”.  Being a fan of “Rambo: First Blood Part II”, “Cobra”, and the underwater thriller, “Leviathan”, I am Surprised I had never gotten around to seeing Cosmatos’ lesser known “Of Unknown Origin”, until now.  Given that the screenplay was written by the guy behind “Poltergeist III” and “Omen IV”, my expectations weren’t all that high.

Set in New York City (filmed in Canada), the story centers on business man, Bart Hughes (Peter Weller).  Whole his wife and son are on vacation, Bart is tasked with a difficult project at work, that could land him a promotion if he pulls it off.  Unfortunately, Bart’s focus becomes split when a rodent starts to wreck-havoc in his home.

It doesn’t take long for Bart to become completely focused on killing the giant rat that is taunting him.  This leads Bart towards obsession and on the verge of insanity.  I still think Weller’s performance in 1984’s “First Born” is one of his best, but he is pretty damn good in “Of Unknown Origin” as well.

What surprised me the most, what just how terrifying “Of Unknown Origin” is.  There were a few scenes when the rat pops out that made me jump and could be one of the best rat movies out there, though I have a fondness for “Willard”, which was an update on “Ben”.  If you have never seen “Of unknown Origin” or if you are already a fan, this new 2K remaster from Scream Factory is definitely worth picking up.

Bonus Features

  • NEW 2K Scan From The Interpositive
  • NEW The Origins Of Unknown Origin – An Interview With Executive Producer Pierre David
  • NEW That Rat Movie – An Interview With Writer Brian Taggert
  • NEW Hey, Weren’t You In Scanners? – An Interview With Actor Louis Del Grande
  • Audio Commentary With Director George P. Cosmatos And Actor Peter Weller
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Still Gallery

By: Marc Ferman