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Pilgrimage: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving this week on Blu-ray/DVD combo is director Brendan Muldowney’s dramatic-adventure “Pilgrimage”, which stars Tom Holland (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”) and Jon Bernthal (Netflix’s “The Punisher”).

Set in 13th century Ireland, a group of devoted monks are on a mission to transport a holy relic to Rome. The youngest of the monks, Brother Diarmuid (Holland) has never left the safety of the monastery. Joining the group is a former crusader (Bernthal), who is also a mute.  The journey is not without peril, as the monks face vicious tribes and traitorous soldiers that vowed to assist delivering the relic.

“Pilgrimage” gets off to a slow start, but as soon as Bernthal’s character shows us just what he is capable of, it begins to shift into more of a mid-evil Punisher, and I was hooked.  There is some wonderful carnage here and “Pilgrimage” is beautifully shot.  It takes its’ time to get going but there is quite a bit here to interest the history buffs and the genre fans alike.

By: Marc Ferman