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Prisoner X: DVD Review

Arriving on Digital, VOD, and DVD this week is the sci-fi thriller, “Prisoner X”, based on the novella “Truth” by Robert Reed. The film stars Michelle Nolden (The Time Traveler’s Wife), Romano Orzari (“Turbo Kid”), Damon Runyan (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”), Julian Richings (“Man of Steel”) and was written/directed by Gaurav Seth (A Passage to Ottawa).

While the world is rages in war and civil unrest, CIA agent Carmen Reese (Nolden) arrives at a secret underground prison to interrogate a terrorist that just might also be a time traveler. Ramiro (Orzari) is the prisoner who clearly has secrets and it is up to Reese to get him to reveal them. With the clock ticking, will the agent get the information she is looking for before it’s too late?

Despite the intriguing premise, “Prisoner X” never seems to go anywhere interesting.  We have a promising opening act but Seth can’t seem to figure out how to increase the tension. The whole thing feels like it is stuck in neutral and although the cast tired their best, it is hard to maintain interest in something this mundane.  I am a fan of good indie sci fi because filmmakers are forced to really delve deep into their creativity but “Prisoner X” feels like the filmmaker took a dive into the shallow end.

By: Marc Ferman

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