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Terminal: Blu-Ray Review

Arriving this week on Blu-ray and DVD is writer/director Vaughn Stein’s stylistic crime noir film starring Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Max Irons, Dexter Fletcher, and Mike Myers.  This is an impressive cast for this largely under-the-radar flick. I am unsure what drew the stars to the project considering there doesn’t seem to be much of a story and the material feels like something Tarantino would have come up with in high school. Despite it’s many flaws, “Terminal” manages to scrape bye, thanks to Robbie, Pegg and Fletcher who manage to make the most out of what little they have-to work with.  I also liked the film’s set design. Reminded me of a cross between “Blade Runner”, “Streets of Fire”, and “Dark City”, but with less of a budget.

One of the biggest issues I had with “Terminal” was that it fails miserably with its’ twist ending. It’s not at all hard to figure out, at least part of the twist anyways. I will say the film does look absolutely stunning.  If you like the cast and you like noir, you might want to give “Terminal” a look when it arrives on whatever streaming service you are signed up with.  It’s not a bad way to spend 90 minutes, though you might want to keep your expectations low.

By: Marc Ferman