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The Evil in Us: DVD Review

Arriving on DVD this week is zombie-ish horror film “The Evil in Us”.  The best way to describe this one is “Cabin Fever” meets “The Crazies”.   Set on a remote island off the coast of Washington, six friends are planning on having a killer Fourth of July weekend.  However, the fun quickly turns to terror when one-by-one, the friends go into a psychotic rage. It turns out that they have been partying with a new drug laced with bio-active materials.  The only one who didn’t take part in the drug was Brie (Debs Howard) and now she must fight to survive.

I didn’t have any expectations for “The Evil in Us” but found myself pleasantly surprised.   Writer/director Jason William Lee keeps things moving along nicely and although things start off a bit slow, they don’t take long to pick up. For those who like some good ol’ crazy friend-on-friend violence, might want to give this one a look.

By: Marc Ferman