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The Limehouse Golem: DVD Review

Arriving on DVD and Blu-ray this week is Juan Carlos Medina’s horror-mystery, “The Limehouse Golem”, based on the 1994 novel “Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem”.  For those of you who like a blood drenched thriller complete with a top-notch cast, this one delivers.

Set during the late 1800’s, a series of brutal murders have shaken the people of London. The Killer has pattered his killings after the legendary mythical creature known as the Golem. Scotland Yard has assigned the case to Inspector Kildare (Bill Nighy). He believes that he has been set up to fail due to his sorted past.

Kildare’s most promising witness is Elizabeth (Olivia Cooke), unfortunately she has been accused of murdering her husband and is currently on trial herself. As the investigation into the Golum murders as well as Elizabeth’s trial goes through their steps, things get more and more interesting.  We learn more and more about Elizabeth’s complicated past.

Period-Piece horror films have never been my favorite, but “The Limehouse Golum” is just so good. Is it great? Unfortunately, no.  I was confident on who the killer was by half-way through the film and that always knocks a mystery down a few points for me.  However, the cast, including Douglas Booth is great and so is the set design. I highly recommend giving this one a look.

By: Marc Ferman