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Union Furnace: DVD Review

If a stranger came up to you out of nowhere and tells you that they have a way you can earn a whole bunch of money but it sounds shady, would you go for it?  That is the initial question in Nicholas Bushman’s thriller, “Union Furnace”, which arrives on DVD this week.

The film’s central character is a small town thief named Cody (Mike Dwyer, who also co-wrote the film).  With no money to his name and unable to make a decent score, Cody takes the stranger (Seth Hammond) up on his offer.  Unfortunately for Cody, he as well as other poor souls had no idea what they got themselves into.  The group of strangers must participate in a series of horrific challenges in which masked strangers place wagers on. The winners get money, the losers get death.

“Union Furnace” is a pretty simple micro-budget flick that managed to cast Keith David (“They Live”) as one of the players. He makes everything a little better.  Most of the film takes place in two rooms and Bushman is able to make do with the little he has to work with. With quite a bit of help from the cast, “Union Furnace” turned out to be an entertaining 90 minutes of sadism.

By: Marc Ferman